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OpenNow Solutions is proud to announce the launch of the new web presence for Avery's Pet Styling Salon and Boutique.  Avery's is a mobile pet grooming service utilizing a fully outfitted custom van that comes to clients' homes. 

The site is feature-rich: blogs, aggregated pet news feeds, instructional and informational videos, an online store, client-submitted testimonials, and much more.  Check it out at

FaceBook is a great way to promote your organization's services or products, but one of the biggest bonehead blunders taking place in business today has to do with CEOs delegating the set-up of their Facebook business page to the intern or youngest employee.  Ira Wolfe wrote a good article on this.

Last week I attended a great webinar on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hosted by Acquia.  They just posted it in their webinar archives.  Check it out.

It looks like Non-Profits are beginning to embrace Social Networking.  The Port has conducted a recent survey of Non-Profits.  Their findings:

Here at OpenNow Solutions, we've embraced the concept of Open Source content management systems, and Drupal is the CMS of choice for so many influential websites.

Two weeks ago, the Obama administration announced the Open Government Directive, basically stating that government should be transparent, participatory and collaborative.  President Obama states:

This is pretty big news.  Everybody knows that the Super Bowl is the premier event for advertisers.  If this isn't an endorsement of the value of Social Networking, then I don't know what is.

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